Josh Ruffell - Zoo Curator and Animal Handler for Film and Television

About Josh Ruffell

Fascinated with reptiles from his youth, veteran animal manager and trainer Josh Ruffell worked early in his career as a manager for New England Reptile Distributors and oversaw animal care and operations for a reptile breeding facility covering 10,000 square feet. He went on to study biology at Salem State College before attending Moorpark College, where he completed the Exotic Animal Training and Management program. Following graduation, Josh Ruffell joined Birds & Animals Unlimited and served as a trainer and presenter for the Animal Actors Stage and Animal Planet Live shows at Universal Studios Theme Park in Hollywood.

During his tenure as an animal trainer for Brockett’s Film Fauna, Josh Ruffell worked hands on with venomous snakes, crocodilians, and a wide variety of other animals for film and television shoots. He has also educated animal trainers at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, and managed animal-threat awareness and safety in such locations as China, Panama, and Gabon as a wildlife consultant for multiple seasons of the CBS television show Survivor.

Josh Ruffell most recently spent several years as a curator at Australia Zoo. Along with his role as curator of reptiles and birds, he shared management oversight of roughly 500 zoo and wildlife hospital staff members, and the care of approximately 1,200 diverse native Australian and exotic animals.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Josh Ruffell enjoys snorkeling and holds PADI certification in open water SCUBA diving.